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Where We Work

Brothers' Helpers serves those in need in Los Angeles.

For over a hundred years Los Angeles has been one of the most effective growth machines ever created. This area of the West Coast is blessed with abundant opportunity for prosperity, a good climate, and great natural beauty, such as can be found nowhere else on earth. The region has a distinct entrepreneurial culture and a depth of intellectual curiosity that makes it a place of constant discovery, and a place of almost continuous growth. Until every acre of this earthly paradise is occupied, people will continue to move here.

Among the great abundance that is Los Angeles, there is an abundance of poverty as well. Los Angeles leads the nation with about 54,000 homeless.

As any Angelino can attest; we've all seen LA's homeless. Some stand by the intersections panhandling for spare change. Others by the gas station offering a window wash for a dollar. We find it so easy to merely dismiss them with a turn of the head, but what if it was just as easy to help! It is! Click here to find out more.

La Canada-Flintridge

La Crescenta


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